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Dolomite Stone: An Excellent Stone To Balance Body, Mind and Soul


May 3, 2023

What is Dolomite Stone?

Dolomite Stone is a calcium magnesium carbonate stone having crystals with carved faces. It is available in different colors from white, colorless, cream to grey with luster. It is also found with transparent to translucent appearance. This brings positivity to mind, health to body and calmness to soul.

Maintain Physical Health With Dolomite Stone

Dolomite stone is considered as one of the best stones to strengthen the bones, muscles and teeth. It is used for proper oxygenation of the lungs, treats reproductive system and cures genital system.​ In addition to this, it also helps maintaining the metabolism, curing insomnia, nightmares, etc. With high levels of calcium, it eases osteoporosis, realigns skeletal structure and heals broken bones. It also thickens hair texture and enhances blood circulation.

Calm Mind, Ease Grief and Bring Positivity With Dolomite Stone

This wonderful stone activates the heart chakra to ease sorrow, cherishes the love and make the users happy for a reason. It heals phobias, promotes self confidence and brings positive self love to life. This calming stone also reduces insomnia, stimulates energetic thinking and brainstorms in meetings. In addition to this, it is also worn to facilitate abstract thinking, brings innovative ideas and enhances the ability of rational thinking.

Relax Soul And Opens The Heart To The Path Of God With Dolomite Stone

This stone opens the heart to have faith in yourself and the God. It is worn to promote inner certainty with positivity and self love. Its comforting nature ensures to bring calming vibrations to the soul for improving the meditation experience. This is used for developing new pathways of consciousness, raising awareness and enabling users to meditate during a walk or while dreaming. It ensures to expand the spiritual horizons of the users with its energizing and healing qualities. It brings inner tranquility, ensures energy alignment and promotes stability.

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