Henna Powder

Henna Powder : An Outlook

Henna Mehndi Powder


India is a hotspot of marvel and organic products and one such product is the mixture of both. So, about what are we talking about? Well, we are talking about our green friend henna. Lawsonia Inermis or widely known by the name henna or mehendi, is a plant whose leaves are used for a variety of reasons. Good henna leaves are plucked by the experts, then they are left to dry under the bright sunlight for a couple of days before finally being processed. The dried leaves are then ground up really nice to procure a fine powder devoid of any impurities.

Multi-fold Benefits

Henna Powder has a spectrum of benefits. Henna powder is a one point halt for cosmetics and medicinal benefits. The powder is all natural and therefore acts as a substitute to skin care products which are made from harmful chemicals. It is a natural cooling agent and its cool effects do not cause any rash or irritation on the skin or hair or wherever it is applied to. Henna’s medicinal properties simply start at it It is also anti-fungal and therefore can be used to cure such infections. It has also proven effective in fighting off dandruff and eczema.


After grinding up, henna is primarily used after being mixed with an appropriate amount of water. The mixture can then be applied on hands or nails or whatever place it is intended to. The applied mixture is then let to cool and dry, and then scraped off. Beautiful color remains for a long time. It is used not only for human body but also in dyes or printing anything on a cloth or paper.

Henna Powder And Its Relationship With Indian Weddings

Henna is a staple at Indian Weddings. They are incomplete without the henna function The bride’s hands and feet, and also that of the many guests are decorated with henna which not only provides a beautiful look but also helps in cooling down the stress. Henna powder

A Fast Becoming Global Favorite

Globalization has always been a boon and its effects can also be seen in the fashion industry. People belonging to different countries are discovering the beautiful organic history of ours. Foreigners are getting fascinated by our culture and henna has been an active part of it for the longest time. Henna tattoos is becoming all the rage now and even celebrities have started spotting one.


In summing up it can be said that Mehendi Powder has always been like a leveler as it is used by people (especially ladies ) belonging to all age groups. Being a natural ingredient, people use it without any worries. It has always been widely used, it is still widely used and it will always be widely used.

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