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Learn More About China Clay Powder


May 3, 2023

Production of China Clay Powder

For serving of number of construction and manufacturing purposes, china clay powder is being widely used as an essential ingredient in different industrial sectors. Apart from being known as china clay, it is also being called ”Kaoline Powder” due to the presence of ”Kaolinite” mineral. There is a story behind the nomenclature of this hydrated aluminum silicate, centuries ago, a hill named ”Kaoling” found in china, was mined continuously from which a mineral called Kaolinite is formed. Chinese people used this mineral in the formation of porcelain, which has been extensively used in the making of paints, rubbers, paper etc

Formation of China Clay Powder

China clay powder is considered as one of the most purest type of clays, which is a kind of soft white powder. ”Kaolinite” is considered as the chief mineral of clay powder, which gets formulated when ”igneous rock” gets changed by hydrothermal metamorphism. After getting through various processing, the best grade of kaolin powder in obtained, these processing are; (a) excavating (b) sieving (c) settling process (d) filter press process (e) drying process. On the other hand, it is also prepared by the process of decomposition of feldspar mineral.

Properties of China Clay Powder

1) It is known for high refractoriness
2) Minerals of this clay powder are layer silicate.
3) It has comparatively large size particle than ball clay.
4) It is known for its soft texture.
5) It is generally white in color.
6) Kaolin Powder has comparatively lower plasticity.
7) It is being used in ceramic slip casting processes.
8) In china clay powder modulus of rupture is lesser than ball clay.

This soft textured white china clay powder finds its applications in number of industrial sectors. Mostly the applications associated with the ceramic products, it is actively being used. From the formation of potteries to porcelain, this hydrated aluminum silicate is being used. Apart from this, it has been seen utilized in the forming and pressing processes.

Applications of China Clay Powder or Kaolin Powder

1) This is applicative in the formation and processing of refractory products.
2) Along with being used in ceramic products, china clay powder also serves rubber industry.
3) Pottery is considered as one of the ancient decorative articles, which are designed by using kaolin powder.
4) It is also used as a filler in paper industry.
5) This is applicable in Sanitaryware Industry.
6) It is also utilized in the formation of number of classy and antique style dishes.
7) Along with being used as a raw a material and filler in rubber and paper industry respectively, it is also used in textile sector.
8) In the production of stylish and strong grade of tiles, this soft powder is used.

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