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Purpose and Importance of River Sand


May 3, 2023

Why River Sand ?

Asia is the continent of rivers, from where the best grade of sand is being extracted. From the beginning of watercourses, one of the external forces ”water” is known for providing movement of sediment, in inland areas. Lighter sediments get easily carried away and heavier ones settle down.

Formation of River Sand

Formation of ”river sand” does take a longer period of time, with the help of some external forces, like wind, water, tectonics and gravity along with some other kinds of forces, later it gets mined from the river beds. River sand is formed through the natural weathering of rocks, which been through number of processing and give rise to quality oriented, impurity free sand. By using number of methods, such as off-line mining with the help of the several machinery and technologies finely aggregated river sand will be obtained.

For what purpose River Sand is being used?

”River Sand” the name itself said it all, that it is found near the river tributaries. It is extensively used as fine aggregates in concrete and mortals. River is considered one of the best source of fresh water, the sedimentary sand getting extracted from this source is considered ideal for construction purposes in comparison to others. Over the period of time, ”river sand” has converted into a pivotal raw material in the construction industry.

What makes ”River Sand” a far superior option for construction industry than any other sand?

1)”River Sand”, is appreciated for its strength and durability.
2) These sand particles have practical size
3) It is suitably used as filler material, for brick work, concrete as fine aggregate
4) This is also used as base for flooring work
5) It is the form of well graded sand
6) Using ”River Sand” instead of other construction material, cancel out the crushing cost
7) This is cost effective in nature, in comparison to other construction materials

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