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Refractory Sand: Advantages and Applications


May 3, 2023

About Refractory Sand

In past few years, a significant drive towards the usage of refractory sand is experienced across the global. From construction to manufacturing, this sand is widely used to maximize the profits and minimize the cost. This is a spherically shaped sand comes in a unique combination of round grain, unmatched chemistry, and physical properties. Its shape with structure and properties result in many performance advantages compared with other foundry sands. With strong physical and excellent chemical properties, this ensures to provide the best performance to every single sector. It has provided the golden opportunity to the industries to eliminate the use of expensive sands and ensures to offer excellent yield during the reclamation process.

Advantages of Refractory Sand

This Sand comes with a number of advantages that make it ideal to be used in different fields across the world. This is available with superior refractory properties if compared with silica sand. Its excellent refractory property make sit perfect to be used in the applications, where high-temperature is required. It comes with low thermal expansion and high-strength characteristics that ensure to provide the best binding results. In addition to this, it is also resistant to breakage and damage during reclamation. With spherical and uniform shape, it also ensures easy and swift removal of residual binder without distributing the whole system or process. It is also reckoned for its heat conducting properties owing to its lower thermal conductivities. The refractoriness of the sand under different casting conditions is significantly better if it is compared with the silica sand.

It offers longer work life with its spherical shape than the angular shaped grains. It improves collapsibility and allows easier separation from cast parts that results lower scrap production and high casting efficiency.

Applications of Refractory Sand

It provides excellent performance than Chromite, and Zircon sands in different foundry and casting applications. With smooth grain surface, it ensures better castings. This is a cost-saving sand that ensures to protect the environment when compared with Silica. Its lower thermal expansion and conductivity ensures its vast usage in the casting processes. Its accurate and lower conductivity offers guarantee to provide better mold performance. In addition to this, it can be used easily as it needs 50% less resin. It enhanced the durability, productivity and efficiency-rate of different processes in comparison with other foundry sands.

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