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Role of Silica Powder


May 3, 2023

An Introduction

Number of elements is found on the surface of earth and earth’s crust, silicon dioxide is one of them. It is available in the form of powder; therefore, it is called silica powder, which has been finely processed via number of methods. The chemical formulae of this organic compound ‘’SiO2’’ is derived from its chemical name, which is silicon dioxide. For number of industrial, commercial and domestic uses, these compounds find their applications, in various sectors varying from food, beverages to cosmetics.

How silica is being used in human body?

Human body is a place, where number of mineral compounds are found and used as well. Silica is one of such compounds, which are used as the food additive; it is also found as the fillers in vitamins and drugs. This organic compound is known for having low bioavailability, which implies that, the human body will absorb a little amount of silica and rest will be removed out in via excrete in the form of urine. Apart from being consumed in form of drugs and vitamins, silica compound does naturally exist in the bones, livers and kidneys, in the form of orthosilicic acid.

Where silica is found in nature?

Silica is an organic compound, which exist in the form of minerals and therefore, it is naturally found in the compositions of sandstones, granites and clay. Apart from this, it can be also extracted from the parts of some animals and parts.

Industries, where silica powder finds its applications are following;

1) Cosmetics

Silica powder has the ability to act as a suspending agent and bulking agent. This compound has this unique feature of being able to absorb sweat and moisture; therefore, it is being used as one of the most versatile ingredients in preparation of various cosmetics and personal care products. It shows positive effects on hair, nails and skin. Along with cosmetics, this compound is also used as an effective ingredient in powder perfumes, which deliver the fresh fragrance and maintain the fresh body odor for longer period of time.

2) Food and Beverages

This natural mineral compound is used as an anticaking agent, that’s why; silica powder is used as an essential ingredient, in the preparation of number of food and beverages.

3) In Construction Industry

Quartz is considered as one of the most common forms of silica. It is abundantly found in the form of minerals in sandstones, granite and clay, therefore quartz is said to be an important component of concrete, stone and sand. It is extensively used to serve the construction purposes widely.

4) Other Uses

Silicon oxide exists in powder form; which finds its applications in number of industries, such as paints, plastics, medicines etc. Nano-silica is extensively used as one of the most important and common ingredients in ceramics, which are sugar porcelain. Apart from being used in cosmetics, food, ceramics, silicon minerals are used in several other fields of environmental protections.

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