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Soft Stone Powder: A Versatile Powder


May 3, 2023

What is Soft Stone Powder?

Soft stone powder is a naturally occurring powder contains mineral massive talc having less than 1.5% of CaO and Fe2O3. This also contains less than 4% Al2O3. It is an impure variety of solid and massive steatite containing 50 to 80% talc. This is an extremely soft and smooth powder having slippery as well as lubricating properties. It comes with excellent luster and sheen with high fusion point. In addition, it is a chemically inert powder provided with low heat and electrical conductivity.


This is available in brilliant white color without any odor.


This is also reckoned as natural steatite talc, steatite, soapstone silicate, and French chalk.

Physical Properties:

Single crystal piece as small as 325 mesh


Thermal Conductivity R.T. (W/m-K)2.9
Specific Heat @ R.T. (cal/g-°C)0.22
Specific Gravity2.7- 2.8
Mohs Hardness7.5
Loss On Ignition0.5 to 3.5
Crystal Structurehexagonal
Compressive Strength (MPa @ R.T.)621
Bulk Density0.6 – 0.75

Applications of Soap Stone Powder:

Plastic Industry: This is used in the production of cable PVC, polypropylene, polyamides, etc. It is also utilized in the development of PVC, HDPE, PP, LDPE, etc. Its excellent blending characteristics with electrical and thermal resistant features make it ideal to lend a smooth texture, high tensile strength and hardness to the plastic surfaces. In addition to this, it is a chemically inert power that enhances the quality of the plastics.

Paint Industry: Soft stone powder is used in the development of decorative paints, pigment pastes, industrial coatings, etc. It is also used in enamels, adhesives and other products of the industry.

Ceramic Industry: It is used as a low cost filler in the production of tiles, sanitary ware, etc.

Pharmaceutical Industry: It is used in tablets and ointments as fillers.

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