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World Around Soft Stone Lumps


May 3, 2023

An Introduction

Abundance of Stones, minerals and ores have always been seen in the crust of earth, since for ever. From the ancient time, early people have been carving plethora of stones. Some stones are considered to be hard and tough and some of them are said to have exceptionally soft and smooth texture. With the passing period of time, from ancient, medival up till now in modern era, one has observed a metaphor around, where these soft stone lumps are concerned. Apart from only being used for carving purposes, it has been observed that the Lumps of stones find their applications in number of industrial sectors, varying from construction to cosmetics.These naturally occurring Stone Lumps can be get processed via crushing, grinding and get converted into exceptional grade of powder. From Greek, Egypt to Mesopotamiya, a wide range of such stones have been used either in smooth or powder form.

Physical Properties Of Soft Stone Lumps

1) The name Stone in itself tells the story of its physical state, which is solid.
2) These soft stones have the appearance of Lumps
3) These lumps have soft and Stone texture

Chemical Properties of Soft Stone Lumps

When lumps of stones have been tested in laboratories, their chemical properties have been also determined along with physical properties.

1) They have precise pH value
2) They show 85 percent of whiteness.

Industrial sectors, where these soft stone lumps find their applications:

1) Construction
2) Chemical
3) Cosmetic
4) Paint
5) Fertilizers

Due to their accurate composition and precise pH value, these lumps have been used as raw materials in the construction of roads or in the preparation of toothpaste, which is commonly found in households.

Uses of Soft Stone Lumps

1) These lumps of Soft Stone are one of the special components of concrete, as result these are used for the base of road as aggregate.
2) In the formation of toothpaste, as toothpastes are formulated for the purpose of cleaning teeth , therefore, these lumps are used as one of the raw materials.
3) These are used in the preparation of different grade of paints.
4) Some of the chemicals and fertilizers are too, to some extent are prepared with the help of these lumps of Soft stones.
5) Due to their soft and smooth texture, these are being used in the formation of talcum powder.

Apart from availing these lumps in unprocessed, raw and clean form, these can be always obtained in powdered form. The powdery from of soft stone lumps can be obtained, when these lumps are finely crushed or grinded in different machinery. From being used in any industrial sector, these need to crushed finely to obtained them in powder state.

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